Dr. Brown
Former Drug Czar and member
of the Presidentís Cabinet

Former New York City
Police Commissioner

Former Mayor and Police
Chief of Houston

Former Public Safety
Commissioner of Atlanta

Former Oregon Sheriff

Former California Police Officer

Former University Professor
and Scholar

Chairman and CEO of
Brown Group International

The LibertyOne® Card sets a new standard in stored value
cards and is designed to provide correctional authorities with
an efficient, secure and less costly electronic payment solution
for disbursing inmate funds. The LibertyOne® Card also allows
for a fully automated electronic solution to collecting and disbursing
offender supervision fees, court-ordered fines and restitution along
with GPS monitoring. With the financial tools provided by the Liberty
One® Card the offender has a better opportunity to get the help they
need to better integrate back into society.

- Dr. Lee Brown
  • Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies, Streamline Operations
        The LibertyOne® Card replaces paper checks; saving labor, saving time, saving money
        while reducing fraud risks and providing modern electronic tracking and reporting.
  • Increase Revenues
        Fully automate the probation/parolee disbursements & collections. The LibertyOne® Card
        is also a payroll card and a payment card, for supervision fees, fines and restitution payments.
  • Electronic Link
        The LibertyOne® Card creates an electronic link creating an irrefutable employment
        verification, continuous payroll monitoring & offender location verification.
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