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The LibertyOne STAR®/PULSE®

LibertyOne's Electronic-link for Community Corrections

Provides Unmatched Caseload Management Capabilities

Central to the LibertyOne Card's enhanced offender management capabilities is the "Electronic-link" that is created between the supervision officer and offender when the Card is issued.  It is through this electronic "link" that mission critical information is passed to the officer's desktop.

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Employment Verification

One of the Program's most important offender management capabilities is "electronic employment verification".  When used for payroll direct deposit, the LibertyOne Card provides supervision officers with nearly irrefutable employment verification.  Officers will no longer need to rely on paper payroll stubs or spend countless hours calling and visiting employer facilities.  Instead, this management-critical information is delivered directly to the officer's desktop.

Increased Revenue

The LibertyOne Card was designed for efficient and maximum collections.  To this end, the offender's financial obligations (or payments schedule) can be set to coincide with their payroll schedule thus insuring sufficient funds are available on the Card at the time of a scheduled debit.         Top


Continuous Payroll Monitoring and Reporting

After initial employment verification, the system continues to monitor the offender's payroll and notifies the supervision officer of any changes that occur with respect to the offenders employment; including source of pay, payroll amount, and frequency of pay.  This timely information can alert officers when a client is terminated, receives a pay raise. and even when he or she misses a days work.  The value of this new capability is enormous.     Top


Location Verification

Todays mobile phone technology makes it impossible to know the physical location of the person on the other end of the line.  For parole and probation officers, having the ability to verify the location of a client within minutes without ever leaving their desk would be a valuable tool.  Recognizing this, we built this unique capability into the system.

To verify a clients physical location, the officer simply instructs the client to visit a specific Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or any ATM near their present location and use their Card to make a balance inquiry.  The transaction, (including the date, time and location of the transaction) is reported to the supervision officers desktop in real-time.  In situations where "absolute" confirmation is needed, a video of the transaction may be available.    Top

These enhanced offender management capabilities along with the increased revenue opportunity are only available through the patented LibertyOne Card.





Benefits Summary