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The LibertyOne STAR®/PULSE®

Partner Overview

When leaders come together...  great things happen.

In today's competitive world, no one company can be everything to everybody. Bringing innovative products to market and then managing and servicing those products takes teamwork.  That's why LibertyOne made it a top priority to establish partnerships with financial services and technology leaders to bring you this important innovation. 

Introducing our partners:

STAR® is an electronic payments network providing online, real-time transaction services that enable a cardholder of one institution to use ATMs operated by other institutions in the same network.  These same services allow consumers to make purchases at many retail locations—such as grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and many more.

PULSE®, a Discover Financial Services, Inc. company, serves more than 4,200 financial institution participants across the country.  As a leading ATM/debit network for a quarter of a century, PULSE links cardholders with nearly 250,000 ATMs and approximately 3.4 million point-of-sale (POS) terminals throughout the nation.

For almost 30 years, EFT SOURCE has served the financial industry with a comprehensive line of innovative products and services.  Today, EFT SOURCE is a leading provider of card personalization and card fulfillment services.  EFT SOURCE is a Visa and MasterCard certified supplier.


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