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Benefits Summary
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The LibertyOne STAR®/PULSE®

LibertyOne®  Card



 Prison Institution Benefits Summary

Improved efficiencies

Reduced labor

Eliminates check printing and distribution costs

Eliminates bank processing and check handling fees

Eliminates lost and stolen checks, and check fraud

Eliminates the need to ever mail a disbursement check.  Any monies that need to be disbursed to an offender after being released can be electronically loaded to their LibertyOne Card.

Eliminates tracking and issures with un-cashed and
un-claimed checks.

Payment adjustments are reduced to a few keystrokes

Eliminates the need to handle cash or maintain a petty cash box for cash disbursements

Reduced paper handling, filing and account reconciliation

Improved transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Provides accurate and timely "user defined" reports

Enables the institution to handle all inmate release disbursements from a central location. With the LibertyOne Card, inmate release payments for all prison facilities can the managed at the institution's central office thus eliminating the need for each facility to maintain bank accounts and handle cash.

Green Technology.  The LibertyOne Card is a paperless solution.  The reduction of each ton of paper cuts energy consumption,
net greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous air pollutants, wastewater,
and wood consumption -- all contributors of global warming.


Inmate/Offender Benefits Summary

Provides inmate with immediate (24-hour) access to their cash upon release.

Enables the offender to withdraw only the cash needed at the time leaving the balance safely stored on the card.

Allows offenders to make purchases at millions of retailers without having to carry cash.

Most retailers offer cash back when using the LibertyOne Card at the point of sale.

The LibertyOne Card is re-loadable.  Cardholders can add value to their LibertyOne Card through payroll direct deposit and at tens of thousands of retailers nationwide, such as Walgreens, Radio Shack, CVS Pharmacy, Food Lion, Rite Aid and more.

Payroll direct deposit to the LibertyOne Card is a more secure and less costly method of receiving payroll.

Provides offenders with the financial services needed to function and succeed in mainstream society.

Offenders who maintain their LibertyOne Card Account in good standing will be offered additional "competitively priced" financial products and services in the future.



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