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 Community Corrections Benefits Summary

Automates collections and disbursements of all offender monetary obligations

Increases revenue for the community corrections, the courts and crime victims

Improves efficiencies, streamlines operations, reduces operating costs, and requires minimal human involvement to manage

Enables officers to increase time spent supervising offenders and protecting public safety

Improves officer safety by eliminating the risks and dangers associated with fee collection duties

Enables consistent and timely disbursements

Eliminate cumbersome paper-based payments and drastically reduce paper documentation to provide greater transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Eliminates costly payment data entry errors

Eliminates lost, misplaced, misdirected and stolen payments and associated costs

Provides accurate and timely "User defined" reporting

Creates an "Electronic-Link" between officers and their clients for enhanced (never before available) offender management capabilities, including:

*Offender Employment Verification

*Continuous Payroll Monitoring

*Offender Location Verification

Reduce officer stress and stress in the Workplace - Collections is a difficult and stressful responsibility.

Provides offenders with important financial services and tools needed for succeed in the community.

*Requires payroll direct deposit of offenders wages to their LibertyOne Card.

Additional Features for Enhanced Program Management

Real-time desktop alerts keep officers current on payments, employment and payroll matters.

Fraud monitoring and reporting

Card suspension and cancellation capabilities

Merchant blocking controls, e.g., liquor stores, drinking establishments and casinos when available.

Enables proactive versus reactive caseload management.



New Tools

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