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The LibertyOne STAR®/PULSE®

LibertyOne® Card - Community Corrections

Fees, Fines and Restitution

Collections and Disbursements

The looming budget crisis in community corrections has forced many agencies to place a greater emphasis on offender fees. While some agencies have added new fees and/or increased existing ones, almost all have become more aggressive in their collection efforts.

Collecting and disbursing offender supervision fees, fines, restitution, and other offender monetary obligations is a difficult and time-consuming job.  When probation and parole officers are burdened with this responsibility, their ability to effectively supervise and monitor offenders is severely challenged. Consequently, community corrections administrators and supervision officers find themselves in a delicate and dangerous balancing act between fiscal survival and protecting public safety.

Community corrections administrators must find ways to increase collections without compromising public safety, the safety of their officers and their officer's ability to effectively supervise and monitor offenders.

The Turnkey Solution from LibertyOne

The LibertyOne Card promises many things, but none more important, or more crucial to your organization, than the promise to transform the way offender fees, fines, restitution and other offender monetary obligations are collected and disbursed.

The LibertyOne Card is a fully automated "electronic" collections solution that will not only increase revenues for community corrections, the courts and crime victims, it does so with minimal human intervention enabling supervision officers to spend more time supervising offenders and protecting public safety instead of working to meet collection quotas.  Based on industry estimates that supervision officers spend 20% of their time working on collections, the full value of the LibertyOne Card is measured in societal gains in addition to the monetary gains promised.       

The LibertyOne Card is clearly a breakthrough solution for community corrections agencies struggling to balance the need to maximize revenues with effective and responsible caseload management.

The LibertyOne Card is also the Offender's Payroll Card

While under community supervision, the LibertyOne Card serves as the offenders payroll card.  Each pay period, instead of receiving a paper check, the offender's net earnings are electronically loaded to their LibertyOne Card.  The Cardholder can use their LibertyOne Card at ATMs to withdraw their wages in cash and at the point of sale to pay for purchases, with the option of getting cash back at most merchants. 

For the employer, direct deposit is more efficient and less costly than printing and distributing paper checks. 

For the offender, the LibertyOne Card offers a safer, more convenient and less costly method of receiving wages.

For Community Corrections, requiring offenders to use their LibertyOne Card for payroll direct deposit pays huge dividends in the form of increased revenues and improved caseload management capabilities



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