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The LibertyOne STAR®/PULSE®

LibertyOne® Card Overview

The LibertyOne® Card is a patented stored-value card designed and developed specifically for the corrections industry.  Many financial industry leaders believe the LibertyOne Card represents one of the most progressive and innovative applications of stored-value card technology ever developed.  More importantly, corrections officials, efficiency experts and lawmakers agree.   

The LibertyOne Card achieves these main objectives:



In prison institutions, the LibertyOne Card provides the most efficient, secure and least costly electronic payment solution for disbursing inmate release funds.



Provides offenders with immediate (24-hour) access to their funds upon release.  No paper check to cash!  



Provides Community Corrections Agencies with a fully automated electronic solution for collecting and disbursing all offender monetary obligations.



Creates an Electronic-link between supervision officers and their clients enabling a new class of offender management capabilities never before available.



Provides offenders with important financial services needed to function and succeed in todays society.

These are the primary objectives of the LibertyOne Card; however, the benefits and beneficiaries extend well beyond improved efficiencies and reduced costs for prison institutions and community corrections agencies.  As you will learn in reviewing this website, the LibertyOne Card has positive implications in the areas of officer and public safety, caseload management, recidivism, collections, revenues, disbursements, working conditions, victim restitution and more.

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